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#13: You Had Me At "Democratizing AI"

MLOps Coffee Sessions #81 was about MLOps from the viewpoint of investors. The guests were Leigh Marie Braswell and Davis Treybig. They talked about a lot of things in the MLOps space. I liked their discussion about what they look for before investing in an MLOps startup. Here are three key things they are looking for:

  1. The company could grow to become a platform
  2. The business should have a moat, like some incredible tech insight or accumulating data advantage
  3. The company is targeting a specific set of market/customers and not trying to build something for everyone

😮 VSCode Can Do That

VSCode is the second most loved editor. On vscodecandothat.com, you will find some hidden features of VSCode that are not immediately obvious. You'll definitely find something that'll improve your workflow.

I found that I could move the sidebar to the right! I've been trying it out for the last couple of days, and I can definitely see the difference. Why move the sidebar to the right?

The code we write is left-aligned by default. When the sidebar is on the left, expanding and collapsing it causes the jarring effect of moving the code in the viewport. Keeping the Side Bar on the right ensures that the viewport always stays the same.

✍️ Differentiate Your Content

Without using high-school calculus. Sachin Ramje created the infographic attached below that contains the distilled knowledge from the newsletter Category Pirates about creating content that stands out.

🙋 Personal Updates

This Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, and I went on a hiking trip to Mount Tsukuba. Mount Tsukuba has two peaks - Nyotai (877m) and Nantai (871m). It took 2 hours to reach the Nyotai peak. Nyotai to Nantai took another 30 minutes of hiking. I took the Shirakumobashi trail to the peak of Nyotai. The trail was full of nature and not too difficult. Enjoy some pictures from my trip.

In January, I gave a short talk at Mercari ML & Search Talk #2: Customer Understanding. The session was recorded, and finally, it's available on YouTube. Watch the video to learn about my team and how we use AI in customer support operations at Mercari.

I have started reading a new book - Algorithms to Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions. It was recommended to me by a friend. I've finished about 30%. The way it explores the use of some common computer science algorithms in our life is very interesting.

Cheers! Have a productive day.
Prashant Anand (@primaprashant)