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#3: ML Engineering Blogs

I love to read engineering blogs. I frequently read engineering blogs from different companies about how they are using machine learning in production. My motivations for reading them are as follows:

  • Learn about ML trends in the industry setting. Learn which research trends from academics are being used successfully in real-world applications.
  • Understand the problems faced in deploying ML models at scale and how to solve them. Understand the optimizations you need to make to operate ML systems at scale.
  • What kind of approaches works in production and what doesn't. Several small issues only arise when you try to adapt something for production use.
  • Get ideas about solving problems in a new way. There are many, many highly intelligent data scientists and ML engineers working at great companies and solving practical problems in innovative ways. It would be foolish for me to not learn from their experiences.

I'm also an ML engineer. I can directly use all the stuff I learned in my work. If you are a software engineer as well, make it a habit to read engineering blogs in your field of work. The kilimchoi/engineering-blogs repository has a large list of curated engineering blogs.

Every time I tried to read ML engineering blogs of different companies, one small thing always annoyed me. My main gripe was, I often found myself clicking multiple times to reach them. The curated links in the engineering-blogs repo are links to the general software engineering blog. I wanted to read only ML blogs and I wanted to read them in one click.

Now if there is something you do regularly, it is important to remove small annoyances regularly. Otherwise, you risk losing motivation. Even if the annoyance only wastes a fraction of a second, it's important to remove them. It's not only about time but also about saving your attention for important things.

Solution? I curated direct links to ML engineering blogs in one place in the primaprashant/ml-engineering-blogs GitHub repository. One-click is all you need.

GitHub - primaprashant/ml-engineering-blogs: πŸ“š Curated list of machine learning engineering blogs.
πŸ“š Curated list of machine learning engineering blogs. - GitHub - primaprashant/ml-engineering-blogs: πŸ“š Curated list of machine learning engineering blogs.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Getting Involved in Roadmap Planning as an Engineer

I work on roadmap planning for my team. Every quarter I work on creating OKRs for my team and write the OKR review for the previous quarter. Of course, the objectives of my team are aligned with the objectives of our division/organization, I get to decide the individual tasks I and my teams should be doing to achieve them. This gives a better sense of ownership of my tasks and I find my work more meaningful.

If you want to learn about how to get involved in roadmap planning, the blog post An IC’s guide to roadmap planning by David NoΓ«l-Romas is a good place to start.

πŸ“š Holiday Book Recommendations

Gergely Orosz, the author of The Pragmatic Engineer newsletter, curated book recommendations in the blog post Holiday Book Recommendations for Engineering Managers, Software Engineers and Product Managers. You can find book recommendations for following genres:

  • Engineering management
  • Engineering leadership and organization design
  • Software engineering careers
  • Software engineering interviews
  • Software engineering
  • Software engineering: specific domains or technologies
  • Product and strategy
  • Leadership and business

Cheers! Have a productive day.
Prashant Anand (@primaprashant)