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#5: AI Review 2021

The curated list of breakthrough AI papers and research in 2021 by Louis Bouchard made catching up on all the latest research much easier for me. It has text and video explanations for each of them.

I would recommend reading about the following 3 large scale applications:

  1. Apple: Recognizing People in Photos Through Private On-Device Machine Learning
  2. GitHub Copilot & Codex: Evaluating Large Language Models Trained on Code
  3. Tesla's Autopilot Explained

Papers With Code summarized the top trending papers, libraries, and datasets for 2021 in the blog post Papers with Code 2021 : A Year in Review.

Non-Technical Resources To Excel At Your First Software Developer Job

I wrote a blog about the non-technical resources I have discovered over my career that will help you become successful in your first software developer job. The resources cover different aspects of being managed, salary, onboarding, career paths, and setting goals.

Read the blog here.

Best No-Code Tools

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