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#7: Create Your Personal Media Kit

Developers are generally terrible at marketing. If you don't tell people what you are doing, people will assume you are doing nothing. Make it easier for people to easily get to know you and show off all the great things you do. Add a personal media kit to your website so that people can easily figure out what you're all about. This brief guide from Amanda is all you need.

Link to the Amanda's media kit on her website.

🛍 What Happens To The Stuff You Return

Global e-commerce market crossed $5 trillion in 2021. As people are buying more and more stuff online, the number of returns has been growing as well. Not all of the returned items go back for re-sale. Some low-value items even directly go to landfills! The 22-minute episode No such thing as a free return from Planet Money covers the story of the fate of returned goods.

📈 Audience Building Principles

Toby Howell worked as the social media manager for Twitter for the Morning Brew newsletter and grew it from 30k to 300k followers. This thread covers actionable tips to grow your audience.

😛 Tongue Twister

Reading about multimodal ML, a tongue twister popped in my head. Let's have some fun. Speak it five times in a row as quickly as you can.

Model a multimodal model to model multiple modalities.

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