Hey 👋, I'm Prashant Anand. I'm a Machine Learning Engineer working in Tokyo, Japan for the last two years.

What is this newsletter

Every week I learn lots of new stuff in the fields of software engineering, machine learning, business, startups, bootstrapping, podcasts, finance, investing, and much more. This newsletter is the round-up of the best ideas and concepts I learned during the week.

What I'm working on

  1. 👨‍💻 I'm a machine learning engineer/tech lead at Mercari, Inc. in Tokyo, Japan. I use machine learning in the customer support domain to improve the experience of our customers when they send us inquiries.
  2. 🎙 I co-host a bi-weekly podcast called Tech Culture Podcast with Kaustubh where we talk about emerging startups, interesting tech products and business trends.
  3. 🐦 On Twitter, I regularly write about applied machine learning and NLP.
  4. 💌 From this website, I send a newsletter every Sunday morning about new ideas and concepts I learned during the week.

Get in touch

Reach out to me via email or Twitter (@primaprashant).