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My Personal OKRs For 2022

My Personal OKRs For 2022
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I'm writing down the things I'm going to do this year. I'm writing them down for two reasons - to keep myself accountable and to learn in public. I'll update my progress here every month.

Objective 1: Learn and share

  1. Speaking: Interview at least 12 different founders on my podcast.
  2. Writing: Write 52 newsletters. Every week, I'll write a newsletter to summarize what I learned that week.
  3. Reading: Read at least 6 books.
  4. Writing: Share summaries of the 6 books.
  5. Writing: Write 2 actionable blogs for ML engineers.
  6. Writing: Write 12 actionable threads on Twitter for ML engineers.

Objective 2: Work stuff

  1. Get promoted to MG4 grade.
  2. Organize a book club every month.

Objective 3: Travel

  1. Visit India once this year.
  2. Visit at least 2 unvisited cities in Japan.
  3. Go on at least 4 hiking trips. 1 at least every 3 months.